The story behind L’argant

M.r L’argant was a gentlemen from northern Paris but lived in Park Avenue, New York City for most of his life. L’argant was a highly respected businessman who always held he’s vows and promises. Except from always being authentic and classy he always held his money safe and respectable in he’s wallet that was simple but very elegant and made of high quality Italian leather.

There was no pictures of family members or reciepts it was only M.r L’argants top three credit & debit cards in alphabetical order. He knew that there was a lot of commitment and hard work behind his wealth and was determined to always show great respect for money and store them neatly and safely.

M.r L’argant had this strange but very elegant way to write his signature. He always had uppercase letter and wrote A with a V instead: L’VRGVNT.
M.r L’argant died when he was 47 from a heart attack when he was doing what he loved, making money out of buying and selling stocks.

In honor of M.r L’argants legacy we’ve created this neat and high quality collection of cardholders to symbolize his elegant way of living and his highly respect for money.

Taieb Khessib is the founder & creative director. L’argant is a Stockholm based company with the vision of creating high quality cardholders that are minimal ang elegant. We are a fast growing movement who wants to share the story behind M.r L’argant and spread the spirit of that hard work and commitment are the puzzle pieces for success.

L’argant are designed in Sweden and made with the best quality Italian leather from Genova.